Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am back . . but probably not for very long. Holiday season is back, and I, unfortunately work in retail. I lost my Heavenly Natural samples so sorry for not having any swatches. As for the MAC launches I haven't been buying much. I did though, purchase the Dazzle Lash mascara in both the brown and black color. People say it clumps or flakes . . . I have had no problem with it. It does clump if I let it dry completely between coats. I love it, but it is still in the "trial" period for me. The holiday collection is amazing if you have the money.. . .
Emanuel Ungaro seemed too plain for me. Only thing I possibly would consider is stark naken beauty powder. CremeSheen had some awesome colors, but again I have so much lip color that it would have been a waste of money. Manish Arora looked awesome! Unfortunately I didn't get to buy anything :( It was all sold out online when I got around to it. Sheer Minerals are nice, but I honestly use make up forever for foundation and I don't use powder/pressed powder foundation, and the mineralized eyeshadow/blushes are beautiful, but I bought all the ones from the electroflash collection so I just enjoyed looking at them. Metal Urge was/is too much like Metal-X from last year so, again a place to save money :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

HeavenlyNaturals *Mineral Pigments* (Second Run)

So I purchased some more samples from Heavenly Naturals again since their new Fall Collection came out today, yay!!
Today I bought. . .

  • Cherub
  • Furious
  • Kitten
  • Earth Child
  • New Mexico Sunset
  • Blushin 3
  • Blushin 4
  • Blushin 5
  • Blushin 11
  • Blushin 12

All but Blushin 3, 4, and 5 are from their Fall Collection. There are more so you should go check them out! As always I will post some swatches once I get them!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

HeavenlyNaturals Swatches *Mineral Pigments*

I just got my order of Heavenly Natural Mineral Pigments today! So, as I promised, here are the swatches. Just click on Heavenly Natural to be connected to their etsy web page. Enjoy!

The only one that was hard to swatch was Beauty Queen. It was looser, and more glittery. It's a fuschia mineral pigment that would be great with clear lipgloss. Sugar & Spice, Truth or Dare, and Pure Bliss don't show up that well in the picture, but they are really great colors. The second set of swatches are actually more purple in color, but show up a little blueish and darker in the photo than they really are. Also Lovely Lady and Honesty appear similar, but Lovely Lady is more white while Honesty is more silver.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Amuse Cosmetics -

So I bought a few things from, and I am actually pleased with what I got. Here are some swatches from the Amuse pallet I bought in Golden.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Overrich Swatches

Here ya go!! If you want anymore feel free to comment and let me know! My package from came with these and Apricot Pink & Rose Gold!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Package Arrived!!!

I just got my package that I won from eBay!! Inside was the complete Moonbathe collection of eyeshadows!!!!!! I love love love these, and especially Firespot!!!! If anyone would like swatches just comment!!

HeavenlyNaturals *Mineral Pigments*

I recently purchased some of HeavenlyNaturals pigments and mineral eyeshadows so when I get them in I definitly will swatch them for you!! You can find them at and searching Heavenly Natural or

  • DIVA
  • POSH
  • SUN
  • TRUTH OR DARE *Loose Eyeshadows*

Yesterday I purchased some loose eyeshadow samples from

As soon as I get them I promise to get swatches of them for you!!

  • Angel's Tale - "Soft matte cool tan filled with silvery-white sparkles."
  • Bastet - "Deep, velvety black filled with gold sparkle"
  • Black Plum - "Deep, dark plum shade with sparkle"
  • Crimson Ghost - "Satiny ivory-pink in the jar, but once applied (especially wet!) it has a soft glow of light red shimmer."
  • Finnegan's Wake - "Pale beige-champagne colour with orange shimmer"
  • Fyre & Ice - "A myriad of colourful sparkles on black. Purple, pink, and blue dominating."
  • Neo Universe - "Vibrant royal purple filled with shades of purple sparkle and shimmer."
  • Omgwtf -"Bright shimmery chartruese."
  • Pacific Tranquility - "Deep, but not too dark, teal blue with just enough blue shimmer."
  • Party Crasher - "Bright cool pink (no dyes!) filled with silver sparkle."
  • Peaseblossom - "Luscious, lilac-pink. Highlights of violet and pink shimmer upon a cool pink background. "
  • Sea Turtle - "Almost an "army" green with a lavender highlight."
  • Snow Bunny - "Fun lavender-hued pink shade with a highlight of pale blue-violet. "
  • Still Breathing - "Matte black with tiny red sparkles."
  • Titania - "Shimmery light pink with a pale pink highlight and a hint of golden sparkle."
****All descriptions were taken from

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cult of Cherry Swatches

**Nothing fancy, if you want better swatches or anything just comment or email me at**


Welcome all!!! My youtube channel will be under lifesinnocentbystandr. Here I will lists of what I used in videos, sales (my MAC collection), and reviews (not everything about MAC since I do know some about other cosmetic lines ^_^ )