Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shiro Cosmetics Swatches

Here are the swatches of the 10 samples, and the two extra samples I was given. I'll do a more in depth and complete review (which will also include my initial "Quick Review" and the swatches again) once I have worn some of them, and see how they wear. Both pictures are without flash in natural light. The shadows were applied over Too Faced Shadow Insurance, and applied wet with a MAC 239 brush and MAC's Fix +. All the color descriptions are from Shiro Cosmetics etsy page.

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Top Row (Left to Right)
Rapidash - Ultra-pale creamy tangerine, loaded with red eye-safe glitter
Spinarak - Pale, muted lime green.
Dunsparce - Pale shimmery yellow with blue sparkles.

Bottom Row (Left to Right)
Pikachu - Vivid, opaque, shimmering yellow with eye-safe red glitter sparks. Chuu!
Weepinbell - Shimmery chartreuse with subtle green sparkles.
Acid - Vivid, opaque, shimmery yellow-green with golden undertones and just a touch of darker green eye-safe glitter.

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Top Row (Left to Right)
Vileplume - Gray-tinged magenta with green shimmer.
Spiritomb - Medium purple with bold green shimmer and eye-safe lime glitter.
Team Rocket - Opaque, shimmery red-toned purple - sort of a cross between the Team Rocket uniforms and Jessie's hair.

Bottom Row (Left to Right)
Sudowoodo - Perplexing earthy green-brown with subtle copper shimmer.
Seaking - Shimmery, bold, metallic copper-red.
Vulpix - Gorgeous shimmering coppery red-brown, soft but intense - kind of like hugging a Vulpix, I imagine.

*** Only thing I have noticed so far is that Sudowoodo does stain, and leave a green tint. I used Acid and Sudowood yesterday and it stained my lids, but I didn't know which one it was, silly me. ***

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Baroque In Babylon said...

I love Seaking. I'm a sucker for a great copper.