Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pink Quartz Minerals - Quick Review

After reading Grey's review on them I decided to give them a try. I made my purchase of a medium sized jar of foundation that comes with four samples of foundation before you actually get the medium foundation (as to figure out what color you are). I purchased this on October 17th, and paid right away. I received a notice that my samples had shipping on October 23rd, and received my samples October 28th. It cost $14 with $5 shipping. The shipping seemed a little high seeing as it's going to be a 20 gram jar with only 3.5grams of actual product. Maybe they should just put them in a 10gram jar.. .. just a thought.. .. Anyways the shipping did seem like it took forever (11 days from when the samples were purchased). On the good side they have good customer service. The product itself seems of good quality. I'll have a more extensive review on it later on.

Would I buy from them again. . . possibly. I have to wait and see how I like the actual product. I do have some meow cosmetics foundation samples I need to try as well to see which one I like better. Honestly I'll probably end up just sticking with Meow Cosmetics since their "munchkin" jars come in a 25 gram jar with between 6.8 grams of product. . Which is about double for less.

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