Sunday, February 7, 2010

In Need of Foundation... Concealer? Why yes it is!

I currently have been trying to figure out a new foundation to use. I like ones that are more on the matte side since I feel those do last longer. So as usual I stopped by MAC on my trip to the mall.

The MAC MA suggested that since I wanted a foundation that lasted longer than my current foundation (which is a mixture of face and body, tinted moisterizer, and studio sculpt) that I could use a concealer. She said that since I have good skin I could use the Studio Finish concealer on problems spots, and then use their Prep and Prime powder to set the concealer. My main concern when going in was finding something that would last through work, and was matte. If you have a more labor intensive job this might not work as well. I was finding that even with a desk job my little mixture was melting off halfway through a normal work day. After the MA applied the concealer ( which she only used a very tiny bit with their small stippling brush) I could see a difference. It didn't look like I was wearing foudation/concealer, and it was matte. Perfect!! 

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