Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Business Card Idea

Here it is ^_^


What do you think?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shadow Lust

So I have an obsession for anything purple, green, or snowflake related.. so after seeing Meow Cosmetics collections I totally wanted to grab some samples ASAP! Seeing how I'm on a no buy I'll have to wait til after which Christmas which totally sucks...








freezing rain

ice storm


*XMAS Trees*







fraser fir


ballerina blush

sugarplum blush




Sunday, December 4, 2011

What colors would you like to see more of? (Survey)

I'd like to make more colors that you, the consumer, would like to see. So please let me know in my poll at it is at the upper right corner. You can select multiple answers.




Friday, December 2, 2011

Review : StoneznStix

I saw them on Heartsy and figured since it was basically free (had credits from refunds) why not? I decided to get the 5 feathers custom made listing since the ones that were premade I wasn't a big fan of. There was no communication so I can't comment on that. I purchased my item Nov. 19th, and received my item probably 3-4 days ago. So shipping wasn't too bad, but it felt like forever just for a feather extension. I know she probably had a lot to do with the Heartsy vouchers and all. I just wish there was a TAT listed in the shop announcement. They came in a bubble mailer which is always nice, and they arrived safe and sound with two microbeads and a j hook to help install the extension. The colors I purchased were furnace, ginger, unique variant, cream, and hot pink badger, ONLY problem I have is that two of my feather look IDENTICAL.. I think it's the unique variant and cream ones.. The unique variant is supposed to be cream with black and brown markings, but it looks the same as the cream one pretty much. Can't tell the different to be honest. I wish she had better descriptions of the feathers since each one I picked WAS in fact a different color.. I won't purchase feather extensions from StoneznStix again most likely. The product it good, but it just irks me that two of the feathers look a like, and they are pretty much white/cream so it's not going to look that good on the person who I bought it for. I do like the idea, and there are a bunch of colors so don't let my complaint stop you from shopping there. It's not a bad indie company. I just ended up with something I didn't like.

I normally wouldn't buy these since I protest the use of them because it hurts the fishing industry. Rooster feathers are what are used in some fishing lures, and now since this has become a fashion item the prices have sky rocketed. Consider it a moment of weakness on my end. People who make their own items need support, and while it was free I saw no harm. It'll end up being a Christmas gift for someone who's been wanting them :)

Added 1/7/12

Owner contacted me shortly after this was posted asking to have this review removed since when her shop is googled you see this review, and it has the part where I won't purchase from here again since I use the shop name again. I won't post screen shots of the messages or quote them here either. I just feel the initial one was unprofessional. The message was accompanied by a insulting comment on my blog and her and her "friend" or supplier idk added me on twitter. To attempt to avoid drama since I feel social media sites should not be filled with drama her and her accomplice were blocked. I feel this is an awful lot of nonsense to go through over a blog post. I had actually considered just revising the post a bit, but after a negative feedback was left for me as a buyer from her on etsy I feel no need to be considerate.

These are all my own personal opinions based on items purchased by me.