Sunday, July 24, 2011

LOTD Contest!!

So since I am in a makeup rut I decided to reach out to my followers for some inspiration!! You guys will have a couple weeks to enter looks just make sure to post in the comments the look along with email and all that good stuff. For extra enteries tweet/post/blog about the contest I could use as much inspiration as possible, lol! Just make sure to only leave one comment with what you've done, and your info PLEASE and THANK YOU!! This contest ends August 10th, and the "goodie bag" will be shipped that following Monday. Included will be some unreleased full size colors, and samples from Psyche Minerals! The winner will be picked using since I think all my followers are creative, and I wouldn't want to pick just one. Good luck!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Clothing Lust

Here are some items from Arden B. that I was just lusting over... damn online shopping, lol.



Monday, July 18, 2011

and it continues.. seriously.. (pet peeve)

So i decided to go onto Artfire today to check to see if I got a message from cookoutsidethebox since I'm waiting to hear back from her in regards to setting up something more personal for my father, and came across another message from "Lex". Here we go again...

"Hi Molly,
 I did answer you very politely & respectfully like I do all my customers. Your question said you wanted to put together a kit. Then you wrote about me online because I didn't answer you fast enough. Your blog says you're a makeup artist & own a mineral company. When you go to school to become a makeup artist they teach you about what colors to use with what color eyes, skin coloring, etc. The whole thing doesn't make any sense to me.
 Best Wishes!

Right so being polite and respectful is telling me my question is basically not a legit one, and that somehow asking about HER colors is me trying to further my business... sure okay why not right.. ??? So I simply stated..

"I know what I learned in school, and my jobs working as a color consultant/MUA working in cosmetics. My question was simple, and should have been answered the first or second time around. I was personally asking YOU for YOUR recommendations about YOUR colors since I know photographs to not always accurately depict the colors 100% of the time. Simple enough to the point where you shouldn't have criticized me for wanting to gain help from you to further my business. I will not be writing you again because this is futile, and your lack of people skills amazes me. I'm not the only one who thinks this nor am I the only one who has decided not to purchase from you because of this. So please be kind enough to respect my wishes to have no further contact with you."

Simple enough, no? Felt the need to keep those who have contacted me on this issue that I have personally dealt with involving "Lex" of Sobe Botanicals in the loop and updated.

Thanks to everyone for all the support, and kind words as to make sure I did not feel alone in this instance. I am glad I was able to help others to feel the same, and to make sure NOT to make the same mistake I did.



Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pet Peeve Pt. 2

Yes again I feel the need to complain/vent since that's what blogs are for in my opinion It does stem from my original Pet Peeve post fyi. After sending another message on arefire to Sobe Botanicals asking about what colors she would suggest for green eyes seeing as she didn't have a specific kit for green eyes. Now I know enough from working as  MUA for certainand being a Free Lance MUA what colors go with what eye colors, but I don't know Sobe Botanicals colors because I didn't make them obviously. I've emailed companies before like Spell Cosmetics, Meow Cosmetics, and some more Indie like Heavenly Naturals, and Concrete Minerals asking them the same questions and I;ve always received a helpful and quick response.This is the response I got from Sobe Bontanicals

"Hi Molly,
Thank you for your interest. I see you're a mineral makeup company (hence your name). When I started my company I did all the research to find out what what goes with different eyes, etc & I still continue doing my own research. I also see you wrote a pet peeve about me online, which I really don't appreciate. I'm always here for all my customers & answer all legitimate questions. Maybe I'm reading you wrong, but the question seems to be asking me what color kits you should put together for your business. I apologize, but I don't respond to those type of questions or when people ask for recipes, etc. Just as I don't think anyone else would either. I'm not being rude, but I feel those type of questions are not appropriate. Thank you again

Best of luck to you & your business!

Seriously? (that at least was the first thing that came to mind when I finished reading the message). I was asking about her colors how does that translate into making color kits for my company? This was my response.

"I had purchased a heartsy voucher, and was curious as to the shadows that would be the best to choose so that I could get items I enjoyed, and not something I was disappointed in. Sorry for the miscommunication I'll just see if heartsy will refund the voucher some how since asking for suggestions on your products means I'm asking questions for my business. Just because I own my own shop doesn't mean I am a customer like everyone else, and I should be treated with respect, not like I am only asking question for personal gain."

I'm sorry but thinking somehow I'm different just because I own a business is nonsense in my opinion. I'm like anyone I buy from Indie companies like Black Rose Minerals, Linnaeus Cosmetics, and Persephone Minerals (all of which I love). I love buying from other companies. I find it so exciting, and a lot of fun. I love seeing what what other people came up with, but NEVER do I use that for my own personal gain as can be observed from what I sell. I was looking forward to trying to Sobe Botanicals since the shadows looked really nice and that there is kaolin clay in their foundations, but this whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth. This like saying that anyone who owns a MMU company shouldn't purchase from another.

Sorry if I seem overly irritated over the whle mess. I just wanted a prompt answer because I was hoping to place an order, and receive the items before I went on vacation because I am in need of mineral foundation with kaolin clay. This is my blog, and how I feel.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pet Peeve.... (Sobe Botanicals)

So I recently messaged Sobe Botanicals asking about what products she would reccomend to someone with green eyes. I was very interested in the shadows, but seeing as some don't have swatches it is very hard to chose. Also I like skin swatches, not eye (sometimes). I guess it is  just easier for me to judge the color for me not seeing it on someone else. I have not heard back about my question, and I sent it a couple of days ago, or more. Most of the people I inqure about color options I get a response that day or no longer than 1 day. I understand they are probably busy due to the heartsy vouchers, but customer service shouldn't have to suffer for that...

Psyche Minerals $1k mark

So Psyche Minerals has reached the $800 in profits since it has opened. Once we reach the $1k mark we will have a super fun giveaway along with several others including my Blogversary in August, 50 followers, and Psyche Minerals 1 year Anniversary in October. There are a lot if fun things to keep an eye out for!!


- Molly

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Purchase

I recently bought a voucher on heartsy for Hi-Fi Cosmetics, and purchased Denal (blush), Barbie Girl (shadow), Spike the Punch (Shadow), 1st anniversary collection sample set, and Here Comes the Sun collection sample set. I'll post swatches, and all the good stuff once I receive my goodies!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Awesome "Glitter is my Crack" Giveaway

Please go visit here @ for all the details! She has some awesome Morgana Cryptoria shadows that look utterly amazing! I'm excited aren't you? Now go enter!! <3

Speaking of Heartsy.. ... Here is my referral incase you haven't signed up yet. Also Psyche Minerals got the needed votes to be considered a while back so hopfully I can offer you all great deals soon!!




Obsessed with Heartsy!

I'm sure most of you are aware of Heartsy since Grey over at LeGothique has blogged about it a couple of times. Well since her first post I signed up, and noticed one day Ophelia's Apothicary was featured... OF COURSE I BOUGHT A VOUCHER!! (and one for my bf ((best friend)) ) SSoooo since then I have also purchased one from Hi-Fo cosmetics, and I am considering SOBE Botanicals and Cook Outside the Box since they have both been onmy "Watch" list on Etsy. I figured I'd share this lovely info with you since obsessions are hard to contain to ones self, lol.

For those of you wondering Sobe's voucher sales end today, and Cook Outside the Box start tomorrow. Also from OA I bought Island Nectar Sea Sald Sugar and Shea Body Buff, Travel Size Face Care Set, and the Lemon Poppyseed Shea Butter Llip Scrub. I'll do a review once I get my lovely items. They were supposedly shipped June 23rd, but not tracking information is attached to the DC# given.. weird huh?

Friday, July 8, 2011

COTW back @ Psyche Minerals now as PDOTW

COTW has been changed to PDOTW (Psyche's Deal of the Week) and Suezo is this weeks!

50 Followers Giveaway information

So I figured as soon as I reach 50 followers I'll have a small giveaway. It will include a FULL SIZE of Orion Slave (one of my bestsellers), and some sample sizes which include Little Surprise.