Monday, July 18, 2011

and it continues.. seriously.. (pet peeve)

So i decided to go onto Artfire today to check to see if I got a message from cookoutsidethebox since I'm waiting to hear back from her in regards to setting up something more personal for my father, and came across another message from "Lex". Here we go again...

"Hi Molly,
 I did answer you very politely & respectfully like I do all my customers. Your question said you wanted to put together a kit. Then you wrote about me online because I didn't answer you fast enough. Your blog says you're a makeup artist & own a mineral company. When you go to school to become a makeup artist they teach you about what colors to use with what color eyes, skin coloring, etc. The whole thing doesn't make any sense to me.
 Best Wishes!

Right so being polite and respectful is telling me my question is basically not a legit one, and that somehow asking about HER colors is me trying to further my business... sure okay why not right.. ??? So I simply stated..

"I know what I learned in school, and my jobs working as a color consultant/MUA working in cosmetics. My question was simple, and should have been answered the first or second time around. I was personally asking YOU for YOUR recommendations about YOUR colors since I know photographs to not always accurately depict the colors 100% of the time. Simple enough to the point where you shouldn't have criticized me for wanting to gain help from you to further my business. I will not be writing you again because this is futile, and your lack of people skills amazes me. I'm not the only one who thinks this nor am I the only one who has decided not to purchase from you because of this. So please be kind enough to respect my wishes to have no further contact with you."

Simple enough, no? Felt the need to keep those who have contacted me on this issue that I have personally dealt with involving "Lex" of Sobe Botanicals in the loop and updated.

Thanks to everyone for all the support, and kind words as to make sure I did not feel alone in this instance. I am glad I was able to help others to feel the same, and to make sure NOT to make the same mistake I did.



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LeonorasCosmetics said...

Wow...I guess I won't be inquiring from this company about products that I may want to purchase...