Saturday, November 6, 2010

darlingclandestine - Etsy Review

The same day I purchased items from ajoeynamedroo I placed an order for a pair or earrings, Steamcherries, and the Sample Collection - Three Calliope Crash Signature Fragrances from darlingclandestine on Etsy. I read the review of darlingclandestine on Le Gothique. There are some awesome earrings in this shop, and the fragrences I received are very nice. They are well concentrated, and stay on the skin all day. Even though it's oil based I still put a tiny bit in my hair :)

I'd have to say that my two favorite fragrances out of the five i received are Step Right Up, and Serpentina. They were all very nice, exotic, and different from anything I've ever tried before. Definitely different in a good way. I can't wait till there are new ones for me to try!!

The samples I purchased were:

Fire Eater -- bright, spicy, odd, indefinable.

Step Right Up -- clean, oceanic, lingering, fascinating. Our most universally pleasing scent.

Big Top Train -- limited-edition holiday fragrance, not for the timid. Very sweet, rich, nutty, spicy.

and I also received samples of these two:

Serpentina -- ethereal green tea with a little opium bite.

-- deep, chocolaty, sensuous with an intriguing floral note.

The packaging is super cute, and it was sent in a bubble mailer. The earrings were $14 which I think is very reasonable for handmade earrings, and the sample set of fragrances was $2.50. The shipping for these was $1.50 which is a very good deal since they were packaged carefully, placed in a bubble mailer, and the packaging was super cute.

Would I buy from them again? Yes! I actually can't wait to place another order another pair of earrings, and a full size of Serpentina or Step Right Up.

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