Monday, November 1, 2010

Persephone Minerals & ajoeynamedroo

Today I placed orders with both shops on Etsy due to Grey of Le Gothique's reviews. From Persephone Minerals I got a sample of each of her shadows from her Sailor Senshi Collection which she put in a listing just for me (YAY!) Victoria was very friendly, and I think she has great customer service!! From ajoeynamedroo I bought their Raspberry Lemonade vegan lip balm, Gimmie Some Sugar, Cookie vegan lip balm (for my sister), and a Brown Sugar Exfoliating lip scrub. As soon as I receive them I will do a quick review of their shipping times, packaging, and overall first impressions. After about a week I'll do a in depth review of their actual products themselves!

So Stay Tuned!!

Please send any questions, comments, and/or responses to my email at or post it under the comments section.

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