Saturday, November 6, 2010

ajoeynamedroo - Etsy Review

I recently placed a purchase for three items, two lip balms and one lip scrub from ajoeynamedroo on Etsy. I read the review of ajoeynamedroo on Le Gothique. I'm happy to say I am very pleased with their customer service, shipping, and products. The Raspberry Lemonade Vegan Lip Balm, and the Brown Sugar Lip Scrub were for me. The Gimmie Some Sugar Cookie Vegan Lip Balm was for my sister. I haven't heard whether she likes it or not yet. I did get three cute samples along with my order. I received a sample of their Blueberry Pie Cold Process Vegan Soap, Strawberry Shortcake Vegan Sugar Scrub, and Free Love Whipped Body Butter. They all smell quite good. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to use the soap since I have super sensitive skin. . same thing for the body lotion. I think my sister will love it though since she likes LUSH's Karma lotion. The scrub I can use, but I just need to be careful where I use it. All the items and samples I received are vegan, yay!

The lip balms were $2.25, the lip scrub was $4.50, and the total for shipping was $2.50 which I think is very reasonable considering how it was packaged carefully.

I think their packaging is cute, and all the items were packaged safely. The labels have a list of ingredients for that specific item which is a plus. Only thing I would change is that the lip scrub had a list of ingredients on the container in case I needed to reference it for any reason. The list of ingredients is on a label that's on the the plastic ziplock bag the scrub comes in.

Would I buy from them again? Yes!

They have great customer service, the ship promptly, the quality of the items is great, and the package the items safely.

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EDIT: I've noticed while wearing the lip balm I get this weird taste.. I'm wondering if it what ever is put on there for the lemon flavoring. This doesn't discourage mebfrom wanting to try another flavor out since my sister likes hers. I know for sure nothing with mint! I don't enjoy the tingly sensation from mint in lip products.

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Anonymous said...

I love AJoeyNamedRoo!! I've ordered twice so far, and will continue to order again for sure!

DazzleGlam said...

Their products seem really nice. I love the lip scrub and for the price and the amount of product you get you can't beat it!!

Anonymous said...

ya, I got the peppermint one and it is going to last me forever!