Friday, June 4, 2010

Having problems with mineral shadows as liners? Mix in some shadow primer!!

I was shopping earlier today, and stopped in at Bare Escentuals. I told my MA that I always seem to have issues using mineral shadow as a liner. Either I get fall, floties in my eye, or I use too much/little water based medium/mixing medium. She stated that her favorite way is to take some of their Prime Time Eye Primer, and mix it into some of the mineral shadow until it's kind of a paste consistency. When she applied it on me it went smoothly on, and it looks great!! Finally an easier way (atleast for me) when it comes to using a mineral shadow as a liner!!!

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Vanity's Edge - Laura said...

Wicked awesome idea girl!!! :) Thanks! I am sure this would work fabulously with any e/s primer too! I will have to try this!