Friday, June 11, 2010


Today I decided to get some stuff from MAC. I ended up buying Hippiness Blush,Sweet & Punchy eyeshadow, Pink Poodle Lipglass, Lychee Luxe Lipglass, Frankly Fresh Lipglass Opulash mascara (which I tested and LOVED), Thrills Lipstick.

I’ll add more if I forgot anything,

I wanted Lucky Green, Firecracker, 222 brush, and Flurry of Fun Lipglass . . . but they were all out!!! Ugh!

I’m hoping to pick up a new quad or 15 pallet because there are some eyeshadows I want including goldenrod, that violet color that came out with style warriors (it's escaping me at the moment.), Sketch, Orb, and some others . . ssoo maybe next time!!

Please send any questions, comments, and/or responses to my email at or post it under the comments section.

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