Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain Swacthes

Here are 5 out of the 6. The one I don't have is Mambo. I chose not to buy it since it is a little too brown for me. I really like Jitterbug, Jive, and Flamenco. In some light Waltz and Fox Trot look similar, but I'd wear Fox Trot over Waltz. These were all applied twice so you could see their vibrancy (and because waltz applied once looked lighter than it applies on the lips since it's on my skin)

From Left to Right: Fox Trot, Waltz, Flamenco, Jive, Jitterbug

Which ones are your favorite?

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Heather / Eyeconic said...

Waltz looks fabulous!

DazzleGlam said...

They are really fantastic. Jive came out too orange in the picture. IMO it's more of a coral.


Honey Bomb said...
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