Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fryinnae Lip Lustre Swatches

So here are the swatches of the three I own so far. I do have some on the way, and when they come I shall post them right away!!!

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From Left to Right: Visual Kei, Shangra-La, Type A

I really really really love Visual Kei, and Type A. Like I said before Shangra-La is a little too purple for me. Hopefully I can find someone to mix with it, or a nice eye combo where I won't find the purpleness of it too bothersome. These are really great I mean it. They feel great on the lips, and don't have a bad taste/small. In fact they smell great!! They go on pretty glossy looking, but when they dry they are not so glossy (like any lipstain). It does last once it's been on for a bit through eating and drinking. So if you liked ( or didn't like( the stains MAC came out with last year I believe with A Rose Romance you're going to like Fyrinnae's 100% more!

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