Thursday, June 24, 2010

Concrete Minerals Combinations

Yesterday I wore Infinity on the inner third with Wicked on the outer third, and brought up into the crease/blended out. I put Wicked over Fyrinnae's Epoxy, and it went over nicely just in case anyone was wondering! These are very wonderful colors that in my opinion go great together.

Today I wore Lithium on the inner third with Sabotage on the outer third and brought up into the crease/blended out. I put Lithium over MUFE #3 Aqua Cream (silver). Let me tell you this is amazing!! (On a side note I've been looking for a cream silver base, and #3 works wonderfully!)

Concrete Minerals don't need to be put over the Epoxy or Aqua Creams to last. They last very well over a normal eye primer, but especially over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer. Which I've mentioned before is my FAVORITE eye primer in the world!!

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