Monday, November 8, 2010

Meow Challange

I had purchased some samples of Meow Comsetics foundation, undereye concealer, blushes, brow powders, and a bronzer along with my plethora of eyeshadows. I decided on Frisky Mau for a foundation and Frisky Persian for a undereye concealer, and their Sizzle bronzer. Upon further investigation I found out that I think Frisky Persian may have been a better choice for a foundation, but it was too late my full size order had already been placed, and it shipped the day I came to this conclusion.

Here's me wearing what I had order plus Midsummer's Eve Masterpiece blush, Sandy Brown brow powder, MAC's Bold & Brazen eyeshadow, Almay's Amethyst liner, and Covergirl's LashBlast mascara in black.

I'm not sold on the Pampered Puss foundation just because, in person at least, my pink undertones could be seen quite clearly. I toned it down a bit after using a concealer brush to apply the foundation to the areas. I do get better coverage with Bare Escentual's Matte foundation, but when looking at the ingredients on both they seem to have the very same ones. I could still see it though. The concealer seems to be good, and the bronzer too. I noticed when I tried to apply the bronzer as a blush I had issues with the area turning red.

I don't think I'd purchase another foundation from them. I do need mineral foundation with my overly sensitive combination skin I just need to find the right one. While I like Bare Escentuals, and have used it for a while, it makes my skin itch.

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