Monday, February 22, 2010

Buying make-up off of EBAY?? BEWARE!!

I know a lot of beauty addicts like myself like to search EBAY for some of those rare and hard to find colors when it comes to MAC, Dior, Bare Escentuals, and any other high end cosmetic compamy. Be VERY careful when doing this not only because unfortunately there are people out there who don't have authentic products, but also people, ever 'top rated sellers' sell items for more than that actual retail price. I'm not talking about the actual discontinued or limited edition products ( some of them you can find at your local freestanding or department store or a Cosmetic Company Outlet!). I'm talking about items that are actually carried in their perminant line. For example:

I recently went to my local Macy's where I was checking the MAC counter. She showed me a color she thought I might like so that I could keep and eye out for it. It happens to be Lucky Green which is a great color (bio green is also, bit that's a pro only color :( ). I was looking online on EBAY to maybe find one for cheap. It happens every once in a while ( good deals that is! ). The prices are outragous! Between $16 - $23!! I called my local freestanding MAC, and they had PLENTY!

So basically just be careful when buying cosmetics from a second, or third party online. Do you research before buying online. Check with stores before hand!!

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