Saturday, October 2, 2010

Maybe it's not all glitter when it comes to Aromaleigh

This is what was sent to Mrs. K. in regards to my paypal acting up and somehow automatically authorizing my cart to be paid while I was editing it.

Paypal automatically somehow authorized a payment without me even hitting a pay now button while I was editing my cart. Just so you know I did not authorize this payment, and will be letting my bank know.

I did not receive an email I think within an hour or so. I was a little concerned being tight on money, and a little confused about the transaction so I decided to post on her blog about the incident as well just in case she was busy with massive amounts of emails since she is in the process of closing her business. The post said:

My Paypal automatically authorized a payment to your site that I dint not authorize myself. I sent you an email advising you of this issue. My bank said I have to wait till is clears to open a dispute. I was hoping you could make it easier by canceling it altogether.

After writing that I checked me emails again and got this:

Dear Molly,

What is your full name and address, and what were you erroneously charged for? I have an order that just came through from a Molly, but the email address is different and the transaction number you gave me in the subject does not match.

I can assist you without you having to contact your bank, if you can provide me with more information.



Feeling bad about posting on her blog either soon after she emailed me or before I posted on her blog, and not being able to delete it I posted on her blog the following sentence.

Mrs. K thanks so much for all your help.

I soon received this email from her.


This is very simple to cancel, when I have the information- and without you posting about disputes, and other verbage you posted on my blog that makes it sound like someone used your account without authorization.

I am going to cancel your transaction right now.

A simple email is all that was every required, an email without any insinuation of threats.

Thank you.

Honestly I feel she didn’t have to respond as if I were trying to bad mouth her company or anything of the sort. I’m sure she has admin capacities on her blog there ore she should have been able to delete my post herself . . Problem solved. I feel a little put off by receiving this email so I doubt I’ll go a head and purchase what I was going to from her tomorrow. . . I wasn’t making threats, insinuating threats, or whatever she felt I was doing by posting on her blog. So much for glitter, color, creativity, and over all nice persona displayed on Mrs. K’s blog in my opinion. There was also this posted on her blog by Mrs. K. in response to my original post on her blog.

Molly, I received your email and wrote you back- but I don't know who you are, your full name, address, what the amount was, and the transaction number you listed does not match anything I have. Someone named Molly ordered something, but I don't know if it was you, and I won't share her personal information to verify if it IS you. I told you I was very willing to help you clear this up without you having to contact you bank. It's very simple, but I can't help you with no information to go on other than the name "Molly". The email address you wrote to me from does not match the Molly who ordered.

Could she not have emailed this instead of the one accusing me of insinuating threats? How is advising her my bank stated I need to wait till is clears to do anything on my end "insinuating threats"? I just don’t understand it, but maybe it’s just me. This blog post seems even though she’s not willing to share “molly’s” personal information she’s more than willing to share my personal problem with anyone who reads that particular post of hers further adding to the publicizing of the idea that someone used my account to place false charges.

Please send any questions, comments, and/or responses to my email at or post it under the comments section.

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