Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meow Cosmetics Purchase!

On Monday I placed my order with Meow Cosmetics. I got all samples since I never buy full sizes without trying samples first.9 out of 10 times I never finish a sample either.

I purchased:

Halloween: horror
Halloween: demon
Halloween: witch
Haunted Veil: poltergeist
Halloween: necromancer
Friday the 13th: skeptic
Friday the 13th: supernatural
Friday the 13th: cursed
Friday the 13th: spell
Friday the 13th: accident
Alien Abduction: close encounter
Alien Abduction: abductee
Alien Abduction: abduction
Alien Abduction: little green men
Alien Abduction: sighting
Alien Abduction: Area 51
Alien Abduction: gray matter
Zombie: skelecat
Zombie: spider web
Zombie: jack-o-lantern
Zombie: full moon
Friday the 13th: 13
Shattered Equinox: purpuraceous
Shattered Equinox Blush: delicious despair
Shattered Equinox Blush: troubled torment
Blush: Cherry Bomb
Blush: Harlot
Masterpiece: The Scream
Masterpiece: Starry Night
Masterpiece: The Kiss
LushBlush: In-cat-uation
LushBlush: Hugs & Kitties
LushBlush: A Lick & A Promise
LushBlush: Obsessed
LushBlush: kiss-and-tell
Bronzer: Sizzle

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