Friday, October 29, 2010


MAC'S 2010 Holiday Launch, A Tartan Tale, has thoroughly disappointed me as did their 2009 Holiday Launch. I think the planning of these kits was done kind of shoty. I personally love holiday launches for the kits because you get to try different colors. Their holiday launch from 2008, Red She Said, was alright. I bought a couple pallettes, and pomposity lipstick, but 2007, Antiquitease, was their last great one. I bought pallettes, brush sets, a pigment, and lipgloss set. I can't express my disappointment enough for the last couple of years with MAC. I guess I just expect more diversity, and colors leaning towards f/w trends of the year.Maybe its just me... but I feel like MAC really only comes out with one big/fantastic launch a year (hello kitty, venomous villains) these past couple of years. I feel like they are loosing their momentum.

**Edit: I went into MAC today just to take a look, and just as I feared nothing stood out for me. The palette I was interested in was a dud, and honestly the only thing I may end up getting is the Cut-a-Caper, or finding Baron's Rose on ebay separate of the kit because I no longer use Dazzleglasses anymore. Glittery lips just isn't my thing anymore.

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