Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Why I'm Upset

For one thing having a little sister (She's 14 almost 15) who takes your stuff is really annoying. I normally can find it in her room somewhere, but there are things I was never able to find after my mother has this urge to clear my room. Some how I lost items that were in my make up drawers.. .. like my Too Faced Shadow Insurance (NIB), Buckwheat eyeshadow (NIB), Mac's Holiday Pallets in Warm Eyes, Napoleon Perdis Loose Dust in Leaf just to name a few. I've found my Prada Perfume in her room before, and my mother had no idea. She claimed my sister hasn't been home . . yeah okay . . I come home after moving out, and I can't find my stuff again . . big surprise. That's not cheap stuff either! I gave my sister all the stuff I decided I didn't need, and she still steals my stuff. Makes me want to grab all her Abercrombie and Fitch clothes and sell them. . See if she likes her stuff taken. Sorry just had to vent. . I miss my stuff :(

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