Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sucks when you need a little help...

Hey guys currently on disability, and I am going to have a 30% off sale at PsycheMinerals to try to help. Also for people willing to donate a little $ to help me out for every donated $10 you get 1 free shadow, and 2 free samples NO limit. I've got my silly little Thumper to take care of along with 4 geckos and Thumper is due for a vet visit. Obviously I won't be able to help them out for 2 weeks. Coupon code for the 30% is LotsaFun. You can also get freeshipping on orders over $30 (does not include the shipping). I know how wonderful you all can be. I want to thank you all again for the money from the japan relief, and the on going breast cancer awareness that was donated ♥

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