Saturday, November 12, 2011

Heartsy Feature Date Finalized

Working with Heartsy we have agreed upon featuring me Monday November 14th, and Sunday November 13th for VIP members ONLY. My feature will run for 72 hours with only 50 vouchers. So please keep an eye out for awesome deals for heartsy members only like 6 full sizes for $30. I'll figure our other deals for people who may just want to buy samples, and not commit to full sizes.  Since being featured back in August I know what to expect from all of this. My response time for messages will be 48 hours, and I will be shipping items 10-14 days after receiving complete payment for each purchase. Each purchase gets processed in order of when payment has been completed. I know Heartsy features can be frustrating for the seller and buyer at times for please be patient with me.

I still have the 5 for $25 ONLY for members who bought vouchers from this past August that expire on November 20th. So the old vouchers get the 5 for $25, and the new ones from the 13th on get 6 for $30.

Please be mindful of these instruction for your vouchers as the vouchers will be verified, and those not following these instructions (the right deal for the right voucher) will have to be canceled and in need of being repurchased. 

REMEMBER ONCE YOUR VOUCHER EXPIRES YOU ARE ONLY ENTITLED TO YOUR PURCHASE PRICE ONLY. Just in case you were not aware. I read it in some of the literature the Heartsy guy sent me for help in setting up my shop and being featured. I figured I would share it with you all since I didn't know that. I thought once it expired that was it, but it's not :)

I'm sure some of you have bought from me in the past, and see that not all of my colors are up. Some have already been discontinued, and the ones with glitter are in the process of being taken down. Sorry for the inconvenience I just feel since there is a debate about glitter in cosmetics I'm just taking it out all together. There is a color additive that it like glitter, but not classified as such (at least not yet) so I will be adding that in place of the actual glitter.Just figured I'd throw that in there in case you all hadn't heard.

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