Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The problem with Ophelia's Apothecary..

The first time I purchased anything from her was during her first heartsy sale. I bought two vouchers (one ended up being refunded..) and purchased her travel set, lip scrub, and body scrub. I purchased these on June 8th.. was told when they shipped out, and when I checked the DC# it said none existed. I contacted her, and asked her about it. She had said that it must have gotten in the bunch that went missing.. something about her post office going on strike(??).. She then said she's send a replacement asap like in a couple of days. I didn't end up receiving my package til the END of August...

This time figuring I liked the products I thought I give her a second chance. I've been in communication with her since before October 3rd because I asked her if she could add more blue berry seeds to the cleanser for me. I asked her to make a custom listing for me since the items I wanted were never actually available at the same time one was always sold out or something. She said alright, and to list what I wanted.. I haven't heard from her since the 11th, and I'm getting impatient. I sent her a list of what I wanted on the 11th, and the 15th.. no response. Finally I have given up, and I'm just going back to Lush even though what I use is expensive at least when I go to get it I'll actually have it to use and won't have to wait for it..

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