Monday, February 14, 2011

Final Fantasy Themed collection?

Since there are a bunch of Final Fantasy games to choose from I was thinking of either picking out my favorite, or picking out one of two things to base a shadow off of. My two favorites are 7 & 8. I enjoy 10 and 10-2 as well. ..  hmm I guess maybe I could always pick my favorite games and choose from them. Monster Rancher will be up at the end of Feb. so keep a look out for that.

On a side note my blushes are coming out well. I should have them up mid March along with my Urban Decay Naked Pallet inspired colors.


Phyrra said...

I loved 10, myself.

DazzleGlam said...

10 was pretty cool. It's hard when you like a bunch, and then to choose from that group! :)