Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OMG! Cheese Fudge?!?

I am a part of a team on etsy called Trade-A-Holic, and we recently had a massic trade even in which I aquired some sweets from Sakura Candy &Bake Shop. For those of you who don't know, I have HUGE sweet tooth . .::drool:: .... Anyways I ordered some fudge and peppermint bark from her. She graciously added a sample of her Ghiradelli Cheese Southern Style Fudge. Holy cow . . this stuff is fantastic! It doesn't have a overly powerful cheese taste, but there is a small hint. I think the reason I may notice this is because I'm just a crazy cheese lover . .It's sweet and a little bit salty, just perfect! I want to eat the whole sample right now, but I want the boy to try some when I see him next. I want to share this with everyone, as long as they get their own piece! Seriously though it's something you should give a try. I did and I totally love it! It's very unique, and totally worth it. I don't know if I would buy an entire 5 lbs at one time for the fear of eatting it all ine 1 day, lol. 


You can visit Sakura Candy & bake Shop at sakuracandybakeshop.etsy.com

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