Friday, May 6, 2011

The Conservatorie

I placed an order with them on Sunday (i think) and received my samples on Friday. Out of the ones I bought some DO look like ones I could grab over at TKB,, which irritates me because I hate buying more of what I already have as do most people. Their Lemon mica looks like the POP yellow so it would make a wonderful dupe. Their Sapphire Blue mica looks like the POP blue but maybe a tad darker.. I don't have TKB's Sapphire mica so I can't compair them. Their Java mica is a darker version of TKB's Dragonfly.. it almost reminds me of the Chameloeon mica, but The Conservatorie has those to so idk.. I have to go througb the silver ones I got, but I am sure ones resembles TKB's Antiqued Silver, and Storm. I'll post some swacthes once I have some time. I just thought I would share my initial findings with you. I do like The Conservatorie's Orange Sorbet.. it'a kind of a nice bright coral with a pink shift to it (frosty).

I also bought their Golden Green, Magic Blue Golden Earth, Salmon Interference, Pink Interference, Luster Blue, Pansy, Ruby Red, watermelon, Strawberry, New Moon Black, Titanium Luster, Ruby Rose, Luster Black, Luster Baby Blue, and Lavender mica.

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