Thursday, March 11, 2010

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation

Since I've been hearing a lot about Revlon's new PhotoReady foundation I figured I'd give it a try. I normally use MAC Studio Sculpt, Tinted Moisterizer, Face & Body or Make Up For Ever HD Foundation.

I picked up the PhotoReady Foundation in 001 (Ivory) since the next shade seemed a little too warm for me (I think it's shell), and their PhotoReady Powder in 010 (Fair/Light). My one problem with drug store foundation is finding the perfect match. It's always been too light or a little too warm for me. PhotoReady's 001 is a tad too light for me (as is the powder), but with a little bit of blush I don't look too bad.

If applied the right way this foundation will probably set better with the powder. I've only used my fingers/hands. yes I know bad bad bad... I was waiting for my feather light Bare Escentuals brushes to come in (since one of mine had to be tossed). So, I'll let you know how that application goes.

Revlon's foundation stayed on me through out my entire eight hour shift at work (YAY!), but I don't have a very intense job. I normally just sit for eight hours . . yes I know so exciting . . ugh . .

I really have to agree with what Marlena (MakeUp Geek) has said about this product. It feels great on like I'm not wearing any foundation, but it does give a bit of shine. I took a picture with it, and on the side of my nose the flash made it look like i was OILY!! (ICK!) It gives great coverage, and sets really well with the powder. it does transfer so be careful if you or your special someone is wearing white! It gets on my work shirt which is white (which is a pain). The consistency feels a little different than most foundations. It's on the creamy side, which I like. I also found I don't really have to do touch ups. That's not to say if I were to sweat, or do more labor intensive work it would stay on as long, or look as good.

Overall I would by it again. I give it a 4 out of 5 just because the shade range isn't too large, (I think they only have 8 colors right now), it does make me look oily in pictures, it transfers onto clothes easily, and for $13.99 I expect a little higher quality in the product.

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think of it?

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