Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm giving Spell Cosmetics a second chance...

So I wasn't too thrilled with my first order with them over a year ago. I bought foundation, and it was waayy too light. Even the darker one they sent me was too light and chalky. Same for the blush... I must say their customer service is fantastic. I wasn't happy with my initial purchase so they sent me darker shades for FREE!! (and I kept what I originally bought) The shadows were okay.. Chocolate Cherry, Zinfandel, Bouduax (spelling it wrong I know sorry!!), Storm, Purple Haze, and Chardonnay. Yeah not a big fan of any of these colors actually. So hopefully I'm more impressed with my purchase this time around.

The colors I bought this time are:

* Passion
* Wiestra
* Delphinium Dew
* Lavender Lemonaide
* Tide
* Island Flirt
* Blacklight
* Absinthe
* Embers
* Moonlight

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