Monday, April 11, 2011

Dreams About Shoes??!?

So last night/this morning I had a random dream where I was at this discount store that I was at with my family.

I found a pair of red suede thigh highs for $8 that my mother told me to get since A.) there were unique and B.) there were $8. It's just not like my mom to tell me to buy shoes. She's usually telling me to get rid of them, lol.

While looking around I came across many interesting things clothing and shoes wise.... but there were these pairs of shoes that were a peachy pink with a violet duochrome... omg these were amazing with little diamond studs on them.. except for the huge like 10 inch heel!!!! I was like OMG.. . I'd die. . lol

I figured I would share this you :) I totally want to find a pair of peachy pink shoes with a violet sheen . .. ugh I wish I knew how to dye shoes myself or even make them. I would totally do that in a heart beat!