Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mineral Fusion Hair Care

I came across a brand called Mineral Fusion which at the time I only thought they had body wash. I soon came to realize that they had hair care as well. At my local Meijer they are $9.99 a piece, and well that's just a little too much since I just normally use Organix or whatever is around the house. It was put on sale for $3 off at $6.99 a piece so I figured "Why not?".

The body wash I'm not to crazy about since I do have eczema, but the Volumizing shampoo ans conditioner are fanstastic. I notice my hair feels fuller after using it, and it is super soft which I love since Organix leaves mt hair super tangled...

I can't seem to find the ingredients on their website. All it says is:

":: Minerals help strengthen and maintain healthy hair by defending against the impurities and sun exposure we encounter every day.
:: Safe for color-treated hair.
:: Added hydration and nourishment from organic Aloe, Cranberry, Jojoba, and Flax Seed.
:: Two hair treatments: Fortifying and Volumizing."

I went on their website to find out that which that have hair and body care they also have a line of cosmetics. You can check it out at their website

If you find it on sale somewhere I highly suggest giving it a try. My local Meijer only has the Volumizing one, but I'd love to give the other a try.

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