Thursday, April 7, 2011

Linnaeus Cosmetics - A Review

I recently purchased the 5 sample set from Linnaeus Cosmetics. It shipped the day after I placed my order, and arrived with in that week. I think $1.50 (shipping) for 5 saples is wonderful.

I ordered...

Cliff Line





She threw in Matriarch stated she though I would like it, and to compensate for the rather large sample baggies. I honestly don't mind the larger sample baggies. I'm just happy to have my samples.

I love the colors I got. For someone who recently has been wearing more neutrals as opposed to all the bright colors I used to wear, the ones I purchased were really beautiful.I've already worn them 3-4 days out of the week, and I really relly love them.

I've used Kalahari all over the lid with Cliff Line on the middle and outter lid, and sprightly in the outer V and blended into the crease.

Cliff Line all over the lid with Zippy on the outer third and blended into the crease.

Bouffant all over the lid with Matriarch on the middle and outer lid with Sprightly on the outer lid and blended up into the crease.

Those are the three ways I've tried so far... I really want to grab some more colors, but it's so hard to pick.

I'd purchase from Linnaeus Cosmetics again .. hopefully soon so I can get the full sizes of me samples ^_^

I must add the Marin of Linnaeus Cosmetics is a pleasure to work with, and has great communication. She contacted me thanking me for my purchase, and that when she gets a chance (and some play $) she'd love to grab some of my colors as well. That makes me super happy!!

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