Sunday, May 23, 2010


With my last Fryinnae purchase, I bought three mini lustres.

* Type A
* Visual Kei
* Shangri-La

They are really great. So far I've swatched them all on my lips, and the only one I am iffy about is Shangri-La because it's a little too purple for me. I'm (when talking MAC a NW20-NW25. I've only worn Visual Kei out so far, and I really really like it. Hopefully I can find a good eye combo to pair with Shangri-La. Type A I'll save for fall/winter time. I am very fond of it as well so I may just pull it out a few times this summer, lol. They go on very smooth, and last a while through eating/drinking. They aren't drying on my lips at all as some 'stains' do. You know that drying tight feeling some have? Well these don't, and feel amazing in my opinion! I do notice their scent, and it's not overwhelming at all! It's actually quite pleasant!

I'm in the process of buying more. The colors I'm leaning towards are;

* Bloodstains
* Backstage Kisses
* Hair Dye
* Indies
* Devil Horns
* Meloncholy
* Puppy Love
* Deceptive Innocence
* Trickster
* Flavor of the Day

I'll tweet under FAttraction_MUA as soon as I have the swatches up!!

Please send any questions, comments, and/or responses to my email at or post it under the comments section.

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