Friday, May 14, 2010

Spell Cosmetics

I have enjoyed playing around with the colors I bought. I'm looking forward to messing around with the hologlows I bought. I placed them dry on MAC Blackground paint pot, abd they came out nice. I can't wait to try them wet!! The only complaint I have is I with Lavender Lemonaide was more pigmented. It's a nice concept and color, but I wish it was more purple (brighter purple) with a stronger yellow sheen. I'll probably end up switching it for something else, or giving it away/sell it. I'm more pleased with Spell Cosmetics this time around. The way I feel about Lavender Lemonaide is how I felt about Chocolate Cherry. I with that was a richer/warmer brown with stronger red sheen. Anyways I recommend their buy 5 get 5 free promo!! If I find enough colors I may get some more :)

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