Thursday, May 27, 2010

Upcoming posts...

I should have a functioning camera by the weekend, and the swatches should be up mon/tues. I'm not posting swatches for my recent Stardust Cosmetics purchase since A.) Jenna closed down her site and B.) There is a lot of questionable behavior from Jenna in regards to the whole thing with Mrs. K from Aromaleigh. I understand that Mrs. K. said some harsh things, but only in response to being attacked by Jenna. I'm a little ify on posting my Aromaleigh swatches for this reason as well. After reading about their controversy it's hard for me to continue buying from either of them. I will say in regards to quality of product I love Aromaleigh over Stardust. I'll have my formal reviews of both companies up sometime this coming week.

I hope to have formal reviw of all the MMU I've been using lately such as MEOW COSMETICS.

Please send any questions, comments, and/or responses to my email at MOLLY.MEMORYMAKERS@YAHOO.COM or post it under the comments section.

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