Monday, July 5, 2010

Zoya. . . I'm not a fan . .

So the colors I got through the nail polish exchange arrived a few weeks ago. The look lovely in the bottles, but they definitely do not apply well at all. I don't know if it's just the shipment I got, but all nine bottles, except SOHO PUNCH, has a streaky application. Plus all my brushes came messed up so the nail polish ends up on my skin most of the time. I unfortunately wasted $30 something on these, and will not resell them due to their low quality. I am thoroughly disappointed in Zoya with their claims of top notch nail polish. Also they have a number system on how opaque their polishes are. I don't find it accurate at all. I had to apply three coats to get a semi opaque look, and even with that I could still see the white of my nails clearly. All the polishes I bought were rated a "4" which should, after 3 coats, be opaque enough not to see my nails underneath

I know there are people out there that LOVE these. I'm just not into them at ALL. I'm quite happy with my SINFULL nail polishes at 1.88 a pop. They apply well, and last me all week. ^_^

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