Monday, December 27, 2010

I get no kick... literally...

So I played around with MAC's I Get No Kick, and I don't like how creased my eyeshadow looks with it used as a base. I also don't like it as a liner. I tried using it on my lower water line. It didn't really show up that well, and I'd much rather use the chromagraphic liner on my lower water line. That's not to say it wouldn't look better on someone with a darker complexion. For reference I'm nw20-nw25. It looks as if this one will be going back. I'll probably exchange it for a backup of feline and the chromagraphic liner.

You can't really tell from the picture, but the gold color is like severely creased.

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Phyrra said...

I think I Get No Kicks was meant for the lower waterline to open the eye up. It sucks that it didn't work out for you :(

DazzleGlam said...

I love using fascinating and the chromagraphic liner for that.

The MUA stated that since the kohls are softer they are easier to work with. I use Minted as a base, and I love it!

Emma said...
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Emma said...

Hi DazzleGlam!

I replied to your comment on my blog sale. Just to let you know :)