Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eczema help

I was pursuing de internets for the best clay and oils for Eczema. I get it on my shoulder blades, neck, and chest. It's bad in the winter because the air is so dry. I start to itch, and I just can't take it anymore, lol. Ssooo with my looking around for answers I came up with Bentonite seeming like the best choice for a clay to use for a body mask. Essential oil wise I'm looking into virgin coconut, rosemary, lavender, patchouli, bergamont, and rose. A good carrier oil may be avocado, evening primrose, or jojoba oil.

I was looking into a scrub too, but realized maybe that wouldn't be such a great idea... I do love scrubs though :)

What do you think?

Please send any questions, comments, and/or responses to my email at or post it under the comments section.

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