Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monster Rancher Collection thus far...

So far I only have two colors made for this collection since I've been super busy.


The colors are:

Arrowhead: beautiful silver with red sparkles

Tiger: Shimmery white with blue sparkles


I have some more in mind I'm just sorting through all of them to find the right color combinations and such. I wanted to make one called Suzurin which would have been a nice clean bright yellow with pink sparkles, but my wholesaler does not have the type of "glitter" (it's not a true glitter it's a calcium aluminum borosilicate based "glitter") I like to use, which ends up more sparkly, in pink. I do have a fuschia color glitter, but I find even though they are sparkly the other type of "glitter" I use looks better.

Ah decisions decisions.. . . I'll be sure to update you once I have some new colors made!

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